vivo v15 – A Complete Overview

Vivo launched the new V15 last month to add the pop-up picture-taking experience to users who do not like to investRs 30,000 in a handset for the sake of snapping pictures. The new Vivo V15 is available at all localities across India in all four SIM variant. The basic version of the phone is available at a price ofRs 13,990 and it comes with an internal memory of 1GB. The high-end version of the phone which is equipped with a 16 Mega Pixels camera and features dual Bluetooth headsets is available at a price ofRs 22,990 and includes an internal memory of 2GB. The price of the other variants do not vary much from the basic variant.

The biggest strength of this handset is its vivo v15 durability with many users complaining about the battery life of the phone. This is not surprising as the display screen is quite large and the body of the phone is pretty much chunky compared to other mobiles. However, the overall performance of the Vogue V15 is pretty much impressive when compared with its competitors like the Nokia 8.1 and the HTC Evo Shift.

The biggest weakness of the Vogue V15 is the fact that it does not have a good camera lens. In fact, it does not have a very good camera lens at all as the pictures it takes are blurry and dull. The other weakness of the handset is that it runs on a 1.2 GHz dual core processor which proves to be the weaker part of the smartphone. Although the device runs on a powerful hardware, the battery life is pretty much mediocre in comparison to other smartphones in the Indian market.

The main highlight of the vivo v15 is the ability to take high resolution and high quality selfies. The huge 3.5 inch screen makes it very convenient for you to edit your photos and videos. The HTC Evo Shift also has a great camera which can shoot both standard and HD quality selfies. With the help of the camera, the HTC Evo Shift can easily record video clips in high resolutions which is certainly impressive for an amateur user.

However, the weakness of this handset is that it lacks a lot of features that other smartphones from the Indian market offer like camera control, portrait mode and Omegle integration. Other than those two major features, the vivo v15 does not have many other unique features which make it different from its competitors. The battery life of the handset is also a major drawback as it lasts for just two hours on the whole. This should definitely put off buyers as they would love to get more usage out of their device.

In general, the vivo v15 looks similar with the Nokia 8.1 but it is not as sleek as the former. The bottom line is that it is an average smartphone which will meet all requirements of an average user. If you are looking for something unique, then the vivo v15 is the handset for you. For those who want something with a bigger screen and camera, then the Nokia 8.1 is recommended.